McLaren Rental in Miami

Rent a Mclaren in Miami for a day or drive it for the whole weekend. There are several models available such as the 650s Spider, 650 Coupe,  and the MP4-12C. Drive some of the most technologically advanced exotic cars in Miami. McLaren rentals can make your trip to Miami an experience that will last forever. Our McLaren rental service comes with FREE delivery to Miami International Airport. We also have delivery options to Miami Beach, South Beach. Downtown, Doral, Brickell, Midtown, or anywhere in South Florida. Rent the latest McLaren’s as well as plenty of other exotic car rentals in Miami.


McLaren 675 LT Spider

The Mclaren 650LT is the latest Mclaren rental we offer. Rent a McLaren 675LT today and experience the latest automotive tech. This new McLaren is a lightweight, driver-focused convertible sports car. Inspired by the McLaren F1 GTR the carbon fiber bodywork increases downforce 40 percent more than any other production car built by McLaren. It comes with a V8 twin-turbocharged engine which produces 665hp. Matched with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, shifts are quick and seamless.


McLaren 570S

The driver-centric and performance oriented Mclaren 570S is a fun Miami exotic car rental. It comes with the cool dihedral doors that open upward similar to the Aventador. It also comes with the same carbon fiber construction found in all of the Sports Series models. The Mclaren 570S has several driving modes including Normal, Sport or Track which are found on the Active Dynamics Panel in the center. We can deliver this Mclaren rental to Miami International Airport or anywhere in South Florida.


McLaren 650S Spider

The Mclaren 650 S Spyder combines innovative engineering with a luxury design from a company that designs formula 1 cars. Our favorite feature of the 650 S is the dihedral doors that open upward similar to the Lamborghini Aventador. The powerful engine inside propels this futuristic race car from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. The top can be lowered or raised in 17 seconds converting the car from hardtop to convertible. The tonneau roof allows you to get a glimpse of the twin turbo v8 engine with the top up or down.


McLaren 650S

The Mclaren 650S Coupe is a beautiful exotic car rental option for Miami. The Coupe is preferred by some auto enthusiast for its minimalistic design. The signature dihedral doors are lighter than ever and more aerodynamic than traditional doors. The single hinge design on the doors makes it easy to get in and out of this supercar. The powerful 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8’s mind-blowing performance can push this Mclaren from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds.

mclaren-mp4 12c-coupe-rental

McLaren Mp4-12C

One of the oldest Mclaren rentals we offer is the Mp4-12C. The first attempt Mclaren made at a consumer grade race car. This was also the first car that McLaren incorporated the carbon fiber monocell that was originally created for the Formula 1 car. The Monocell design allows the supercar to perform like a race car. It comes with an all-aluminum, twin-turbocharged, 3.8-litre, V8 was designed for the 12C.

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