Luxury SUV Rental

Turn your next luxury SUV rental experience into a memory that will last forever. Rent a luxury SUV like a Bentley Bentayga, Range Rover HSE, Mercedes G63 or Cadillac Escalade to name a few. Arrive in a stylish luxury auto to your next event or special occasion. We offer short term and long term luxury SUV rentals in Miami. There are plenty of options to choose from and you can expect the highest level of customer service from us. We even offer FREE delivery to MIA Airport. A luxury SUV is perfect for traveling with family or friends. Get behind the wheel of your favorite luxury SUV today. Take a look below at some of our rental cars.


Rolls Royce Cullinan

The first luxury SUV by Rolls Royce is now available for rent in Miami. Try our Rolls Royce Cullinan rentals in Miami today and experience the most luxurious SUV in the world. If you want to rent a luxury SUV that provides plenty of space and has an elegant design then this is the one for you. Although all of the luxury car rentals we provide are top of the line the Cullinan stands out with its rear-hinged coach doors and iconic Rolls Royce grill. Rent a Rolls Royce Cullinan for a day, weekend, weekly or on a monthly basis.


Lamborghini URUS

It’s finally here! The all-new Lamborghini SUV is available for rent in Miami. This beautiful Lambo rental is not only beautiful outside but also has the most comfortable interior of any of our Lamborghini rentals. The URUS is undeniably the most exotic looking SUV on the streets of Miami. Lamborghini URUS rentals in Miami are just a phone call away. Rent this Lamborghini for a day, weekend, weekly or even on a monthly basis. We provide special discounted rates for long term luxury car rentals in Miami.


Bentley Bentayga

Rent the fastest Luxury SUV in Miami for a day or a week.  The Bentley Bentayga is the most luxurious SUV on the planet. For long-term rentals, we offer special deals. We even offer FREE delivery to Miami international airport. The new Bentley truck seats 5 people with plenty of room for luggage. Hire the Bentayga for your Wedding, Prom or any special event. Call us today for premium luxury car rentals in Miami.


Range Rover HSE

The most requested Land Rover rental the Range Rover HSE is equipped with a luxury interior and high-end finishes. A popular choice of our celebrity clients when visiting Miami. Inside you’ll find plenty of space for friends and family. The HSE seats 5 passengers comfortably and can handle any terrain. Rent a Range Rover HSE in Miami today! We offer short term and long term rental deals on the HSE as well as one day rentals


Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Rent a Mercedes SUV the next time you visit Miami. We are the premier luxury car rental service in South Florida. A popular choice for luxury SUV rental is the Mercedes-Benz G63.  It can seat 5 passengers comfortably and also has room for your luggage. Explore Miami in one of the best Mercedes Benz SUV rentals. This the premier version of the G-wagon. If you’re looking for a luxury automobile with a timeless design then the g63 is the right choice.


Cadillac Escalade ESV

The Cadillac Escalade ESV is a popular choice for luxury car rental. It is the most spacious luxury SUV for rent. You can fit up to 7 people comfortably and still have room for luggage. Inside you find one of the nicest interiors in its class. The ESV is a great option if you’re traveling through Miami with your family or a large group of friends. If you’re looking for a large luxury SUV then the Escalade ESV is a great option.


Cadillac Escalade

The standard Cadillac Escalade is another popular luxury SUV. It is the cheapest luxury SUV rental we offer while still providing a great luxury car for your next trip to Miami. It seats 5 people comfortably and has a beautifully crafted interior. This luxury auto has an extremely smooth ride and provides a bold statement which is why it is one of the most sold Luxury SUV’s in America. If you’re looking for bang for your buck this the most affordable luxury car for rent.


Range Rover Sport

Here is another popular Range Rover rental for people visiting Miami. The Range Rover Sport is a smaller yet sportier luxury SUV to rent. The Sport is the fastest and most exciting Land Rover model to drive. Fully equipped with the latest technologies in the automotive market. The Range Rover Sport is surely a premium suv rental and will provide you with a great ride to explore Miami. As with our other Range Rover rentals, we offer long-term rental deals upon request.


Porsche Cayenne

If you are a Porsche enthusiest then the Porsche Cayenne is the ultimate luxury SUV to rent in Miami. The Cayenne has similar styling to the Porsche 911 with alot more room to fit your luggage and passengers. This Luxury SUV is a great option if you want to rent a Porche but have a small entourage with you. Hire a Porsche SUV in Miami and ride in style to your next destination. We also provide long term Porsche truck rentals with discounted prices.


Porsche Macan

One of the most popular Porsche truck rentals is the Macan. You can rent a Porsche Macan for a day, weekend, weekly or even on a monthly basis. This small agile luxury SUV rental is one of the most requested due to its low price tage and great performance. Although this is the least expensive luxury SUV to rent in Miami it is still a fun car to drive. Try out our Porsche Macan rental service in Miami today and you wont be disappointed.


Tesla Model X

The Model X rental is the first electric SUV rental option available. It’s simplistic design and eco friendly status make it a popular luxury SUV rental option. We provide Tesla Model X rentals for daily, weekly, and weekend rentals. This luxury SUV has some of the coolest looking rear doors from any luxury SUV for rent. The doors open upward allowing rear passengers to enter and exit the car very easily. It is also lighting quick. The Model X P100D variant can go from 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds. That makes this the fastest luxury SUV rental option in Miami. Experience our Model X rental service in Miami this weekend.

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